raviteqlogoRaviteq develops AdRapid, a web based service for easy mass production of digital advertisement material. By editing a simple form once, AdRapid produces banners and video ads in all needed sizes and file formats, ready for distribution on any publishing platform, ad network, ad exchange, DSP or ad server, in one go.


The company has seven years of experience in work with multimedia technology applications and solutions. Previous customers are Nokia and Sony Ericsson. One of our current customers is VIVA Media Group, the nordic market leader in digital marcom.

What is AdRapid?

A new way for a new world


Picture5The possibilities in today’s online marketing are remarkable. But this new world calls for so much ad material and technical requirements that it can become overwhelming.

With AdRapid you simply select all the ad sizes needed for your marketing campaign, and you can create more than 100 ad files at once. Imagine the time you are saving compared to producing all the ad materials manually.

All ads created with no meetings and no timelines!


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