Optimal Bits

Picture3OptimalBits has developed Castmill, a complete cloud based solution for digital signage launched on february 2014. Castmill is targeted to the thousands of resellers and installators in the digital signage market. Castmill provides them with a solution that they can rebrand at whish and sell as their own product, keeping their own customers and just paying a montly fee to OptimalBits. Castmill is the most costly efficient solution in the market, easy to install and maintain, and that end users love to use due to its intuitive and powerful user interface.


Castmill has been developed since 2011 and has customers in most countries around the globe. Works on Android, Samsung Smart TVs as well as PC.

OptimalBits is a Swedish software company founded in 2011. We specialize in building highly scalable web based solutions for managing and streaming of digital media. Our main product is Castmill, a next generation digital signage platform based on modern, cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5 and Node.js.

Apart from that, we’ve also released several libraries and components for Node.js as Open Source.

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