Picture4Motostat was founded in 2010 by motoring enthusiasts, designed as a social platform for drivers and vehicle owners to collect, analyze, share and compare their vehicle related experiences. By working in close co-operation with users, Motostat developed a simple product that has until now gathered 62.000 active users communicating in nine different languages daily, Creating a Great Test User Base Foundation.

Telematics services; Based on this foundation current product development allows You as vehicle owner to be more connected with Your vehicle by making telematics services, previously available only for big transportation companies, social and simple.

Exponential Growth; The new Business Plan combines Motostat’s accumulated internet and social interaction experiences with the automation of data gathering through OBD devices, apps and infotainment. The user base is expected to grow rapidly into millions in the coming 2-3 years.


Motostat is a website that helps to calculate the expenses of operating any vehicle. It is a combination of fuel consumption calculator and costs journal and makes it easier to control the expenses. Motostat will calculate how much it costs You to drive100 kilometres and how much it costs You to use the vehicle on a monthly basis. But the fuel is not everything. Besides fuel other expenses due to usage of the vehicle are taken into account: repairs, spare parts, car inspections (MOT), insurance, tax, etc.

Motostat also offers a reminder service that is essential to every driver. Just create a list of activities which You have to periodically perform with Your vehicle and the website will remind You of them at right time. You can choose from remainders which are associated with a given time period or a given mileage and events associated with both those factors.

Motostat is a dynamic and constantly growing database. Information entered by You is published in the form of clear statistics . If You are interested in buying a vehicle You can check the fuel consumption of a number of models and choose the most economic one in the particular vehicle segment. If You own a vehicle you can compare its operating costs with vehicles of other website users. Thanks to the published records you can also quickly compare the car catalogue data to the actual performances of a particular vehicle.

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