Raviteq develops AdRapid, a web based service for mass production of digital advertisement material.

Optimal Bits

OptimalBits has developed Castmill, a complete cloud based solution for digital signage.

Aqua Tersus

Aqua Tersus expands sales of onsite biotechnological solutions for treatment of wastewater and reuse of purified water.


Scalado was acquired by Nokia in 2012. Now main Part of Microsoft photography.



DMD Panorama: Create and share panoramic images blazingly quick with a fully automated capture system.

brygghuset finn

Historien om Brygghuset Finn börjar i skolbänken. Fröet till det som växte och blev Brygghuset kom i form av en kurs i entreprenörskap vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola för Petter och Simon.


Vi är AUTOSERVICE, din lokala bilverkstad och i samarbete med OKQ8 och MECA kan vi erbjuda er de bästa villkoren.


Motostat was founded by motoring enthusiasts, designed as a social platform for drivers and vehicle owners to collect, analyze, share and compare their vehicle related experiences.