Is Sweden the New Silicon Valley?

Laddades upp den 1 sep. 2009

In this special report, Leila Makki travels to Sweden to meet a whole host of innovative tech companies and startups. But can Scandinavia live up to the claim that it might be the next Silicon Valley?

Måns Adler, Founder, Bambuser
Andreas Alptun, CTO & Co-Founder, Illusion Labs
Anders Borg, CEO & Co-Founder, Mobile Labs
Pierre Elzouki, CEO & Founder, RAVITEQ
Daniel Kipowski, Business Development Manager, Invest in Skåne
Marianne Larsson, Business Advisor, Teknopol
Ludvig Linge, Co-Founder, TAT – The Astonishing Tribe
Carl Loodberg, CEO, Illusion Labs
Christian Rajter, CEO, Mobenga

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